Red Hawks Fall To The Bruins

Lake Michigan fell 0-4 in their series against Kellogg Community College.
Red Hawks Fall To The Bruins

The men started the series off at home and it was the Bruins that took the lead in the first inning scoring two runs. Kellogg was able to score three more runs in the second but Lake Michigan scored a run in the second and in the fourth. The Bruins continued their lead and scored two runs in the fourth as the Red Hawk bats remained quite. That didn't last long as they were able to close gap and scored four in the fifth to the Bruins one run making the score 6-8. Kellogg scored three more in the sixth and one more in the seventh while Lake Michigan was only able to push one run across the plate in the bottom of the seventh and fell 7-13.

Nick Henman took the loss for the men as he allowed eight hits but was able to strike out four and only allowed one walk. Ryan Remus went yard for the men along with slugging a triple with a RBI. Marcus Bradford, Chad Adkerson, and Owen Benson all hit doubles with Bradford having three RBI's. Danny Mahoney hit a single with a RBI while Dalton Riddle also obtained a RBI. 

The second game was battle with no one scoring in the first three innings. Kellogg was the first to score a single run in the fourth and in the fifth making the score 2-0. Lake Michigan could not muster any runs with only two hits and fell 0-2. 

Dashawn Hureskin took the loss allowing two hits while striking out three batters. Brady Reynolds and Cole Searles were the two men that obtained hits for the Red Hawks. 

The third game of the series the team traveled to Kellogg and both teams came out scoring. The Red Hawks scored two in the first inning but the Bruins answered back scoring five in the bottom of the inning. Lake Michigan scored four more runs in the second keeping Kellogg quite. In the third inning, it was Lake Michigan's bats that were quiet as the Bruins scored five more runs in the inning. The Red Hawks scored two in the fourth followed by Kellogg who scored five more runs. No one scored in the fifth and the Bruins score three in the bottom of the sixth clinching a 18-8 win. 

Tyler Roberts took the loss as he allowed twelve hits and struck out one but it was Nick Frodl who started the game and allowed five hits. Dalton Riddle had three hits including a double and two singles with three RBI's while Cole Searles also had a double and two singles with two RBI's. Danny Mahoney had two singles with an RBI as Jarrett Deland and Kaleb Burke both had RBI's.

The final game did not fair well for the Red Hawks as they could not push a run across the plate. The men allowed the Bruins to score 10 runs in six innings. As Marcus Bradford obtained the loss allowing nine hits but struck out two batters. Cole Searles and Danny Mahoney both had two singles while Chad Adkerson hit one single. 

The Red Hawks will head to Grand Rapids Community College on Friday, March 5, 2019 at 2:00 pm.